Durability and Mechanics Engineer

Durability & Mechanics Engineer enables Design engineers to perform structural integrity assessment of any type of product for strength and durability scenarios during the Design process and intuitively guide design decisions. It offers powerful and intuitive tools needed to perform sophisticated multistep structural simulations, powered by market leader Abaqus technology, as well as fatigue simulation to predict accurate fatigue lives.


  • Multistep structural scenarios, powered by market leader Abaqus technology, for comprehensive product performance assessment including: Static, Frequency, Thermal, Buckling, Implicit/Explicit Dynamics, Linear Dynamics
  • Fatigue simulation to predict accurate fatigue lives and ensure complex engineering products are designed for durability: avoid late re-design, minimize physical tests, reduce warranty costs, extend life in service
  • Seamless associativity with geometry for efficient what if scenario
  • Embedded functionality for simulation geometry preparation
  • Large model 3D visualization/post-processing and XY plotting capabilities enabling design insight and decision making from results