Fluid Dynamic Engineer

Fluid Dynamics Engineer provides designers and design engineers with the ability to validate fluid and thermal performance for internal/ external flows and conjugate heat transfer problems.

With a CAD-enabled CFD approach, Fluid Dynamics Engineer enables users to quickly explore 100s of designs while concurrently improving product performance based on optimal flow distribution, efficient thermal management, minimal pressure losses etc.

Fluid Dynamics Engineer leverages industry standard RANS based finite volume Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) technology with an integrated (CAD+CFD+PLM) and fully guided user experience tailored for Designers to perform end-to-end product design efficiently on a single collaborative environment of 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.


  • Designer-level steady state CFD does not require extensive specialist-level simulation knowledge or experience
  • Intuitive interface utilizing a dedicated User Assistant for CFD set-up requires minimal simulation knowledge
  • Improve designs to optimize flow distribution, minimize pressure loss and turbulence.
  • Reduced complexity of CFD workflows on a variety of flow scenarios