Structural Designer

An intuitive Design Simulation solution for Designers looking for efficient product performance assessment under linear static conditions to guide the design process.

Structural Designer provides intuitive design simulation-based guidance during product design process to easily get the technical insights needed for informed design decisions.

Structural Designer is a role developed with designers in mind. Design process is made of multiple iterations, multiple ‘what If’ ideas to successfully deliver the right product to manufacturing. With Structural Designer, any designer can assess product behavior for each design iteration to improve product performance and reduce time and cost of product development process.


  • Structural Designer users can experience product performance virtually so that they can make better-informed design decisions.
  • Better design decisions based on more complete information about product performance lead to better designs and better products
  • The capability to assess product behavior early in the product development process enables companies in reducing potential late issues, reducing costs and developing innovative product.
  • The simulation experience delivered by Structural Designer fits within the designer’s familiar design environment.
  • Enables simulation of the physical behavior of parts and assemblies so that virtual testing can be conducted before physical prototypes are available for a faster product development process.
  • The intuitive user experience makes simulation adoption possible for all designers.