Structural Engineer

Structural Engineer equips the Design Engineer with all the tools needed to efficiently conduct structural linear static, frequency, buckling, steady-state thermal simulation and modal dynamic response of product designs within 3DEXPERIENCE.

It provides unique capabilities to collaborate, simulate, and impact product development processes throughout the extended enterprise using state-of-the-art Abaqus simulation technology, ensuring accuracy of the virtual testing.

Specifically targeting all Design Engineers looking for an intuitive, fast and efficient simulation solution, Structural Engineer role delivers proven world-class Abaqus Realistic Simulation technology in a seamless and intuitive user interface within 3DEXPERIENCE.


  • Provide efficient and intuitive tools needed to perform linear structural simulations using best-in-class Abaqus simulation technology.
  • Delivers access to sophisticated simulation technology within an intuitive interface
  • More time efficient looking for geometry, part or assembly information, fastener data, etc. thanks to the collaborative nature of 3D
  • Offers linear structural scenarios for product performance and quality testing during the product design process
  • Determine the strength of a product designed by reporting stress and deformations distribution
  • Improve designs at risk for resonance and other dynamic effects