Structural Mechanics Engineer

Structural Mechanics Engineer is a comprehensive role to perform structural integrity assessment of any type of product, providing:

  • Structural analyses (static or quasi-static, frequency, buckling, mode-based steady-state or transient dynamic, random response, non-linear dynamic)
  • Thermal analyses or sequential thermal-stress analyses (both transient or steady state)
  • Coupled multiphysics analyses, including the thermal-electrochemical procedure useful for battery engineering perspective
  • Axisymmetric idealization for fast structural analyses, especially useful in a preliminary design context to determine trends
  • Advanced capability from modeling and meshing, with possible automated creation (e.g.mid-surfacing), scenario definition, execution, results visualization, and report generation
  • Embedded tokens for running the analyse


  • Analyze and validate structural strength during concept, basic and detailed design phases to minimize cost of prototyping, reduce weight. Reduce risks associated with structural certification.
  • Detailed structural validation from sub-system level to coupon level
  • Minimize vehicle weight, thus maximizing efficiency and range
  • Increase certification confidence in early and detailed design phases
  • Reduce expensive and challenging physical tests