Accessing the Ever-Growing SOLIDWORKS Electrical Library
  • Accessing the Ever-Growing SOLIDWORKS Electrical Library

    Posted on Apr Mon, 2016 by seacad_admin


    Libraries are a great thing. It provides you with the supply of parts and documents that you may need for your work, without the need of re-creating them. Especially when it comes to Electrical design, having a library of symbols, components, manufacturer’s details etc will greatly reduce your design time. This is exactly what SOLIDWORKS Electrical provides.

    However, to have such an immense library in your computer would take up a lot of resources. Which is why when you first install SOLIDWORKS Electrical, you may not find the library in it. But don’t despair! Access to the full library is just a few clicks away, and you are more than welcomed to download only the parts you need into your computer for future use.

    Guide on how to download the SOLIDWORKS Electrical Library

    Step 1: Open your SOLIDWORKS Electrical

    Step 2: Under the Library Tab, Select the “Manufacturer Parts Manager.” This will open the Manufacturer Parts Manager in a new window

    Step 3: Select “Online Content”

    Step 4: You will be brought to the Electrical Online portal on your web-browser. Here they will give you 3 options to download your library from. In this guide we will focus on downloading the library from the SOLIDWORKS Electrical Portal. Go ahead and select that one:

    Step 5: Login to the SOLIDWORKS Electrical Content Portal. If you don’t have an account, create one for FREE! It will only take about 3-5minutes to do so

    Step 6: In the SOLIDWORKS Electrical Content Portal, select the Catalog tab. This is where the latest version of the manufacturer parts catalog can be downloaded. You can sort library in terms of manufacturer and item types, and files will be downloaded in SOLIDWORKS Electrical format (.tewzip)

    You could also download the library through the TracePartOnline tab. This would take you the Trace Part website whereby you can find components that may not be in the previous portal:

    Once you have found a specific library that you would like to download, click on Download which will be listed at the side:

    Step 7: In SOLIDWORKS Electrical, go to the Manufacturer Parts Manager and select Unarchive. Browse for the .tewzip file that you have just downloaded

    Step 8: A window wizard will pop up to assist you with the unarchive action. Click on Next. Go through the steps to determine how the data will be stored and once done, click on Finish. This will start the unarchiving process.

    Once this process is done, the library will not be ready for use in your SOLIDWORKS Electrical.

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