10 Industries that Can Benefit from 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

June 15, 2021

3dexperience platform

Today, more than ever, our workplaces and industries are changing rapidly. The need for everyone to be physically present in the office no longer exists. Working remotely has become the default for many countries across the globe where they can work from great distances and collaborate on a single platform online.

This applies to almost all industries including the engineering and manufacturing industries. Thanks to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, all stakeholders of a specific project – from product designers, quality assurance officers to marketing professionals – can now collaborate efficiently on the platform and make remote work a breeze.

What is 3DEXPERIENCE platform?

Simply put, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform seamlessly gives access to a growing portfolio of solutions. It was created by Dassault Systèmes (parent company of SOLIDWORKS) to serve as a core for your entire product lifecycle management where all contributors can tailor their needs to meet specific product development requirements. It empowers teams to design, simulate, create dashboards, share data, work concurrently on the same projects and experience how their product will look, perform and be used in its lifecycle. All of these can be seen and done in 3D – providing its users a real-time virtual experience.

And we, SEACAD, as the pioneer of SOLIDWORKS in Singapore, acquired a bigger portfolio from Dassault Systèmes in 2020, to support our clients’ business transformation towards continued innovation with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.


Application and Benefits of 3DEXPERIENCE Solutions

The 3DEXPERIENCE solution is a bundle of applications that can enhance design experience, share data, and allow multiple users to collaborate. It has several different applications.

3D Modeling

Create and analyze 3D models with a wide variety of design and engineering applications.

Content & Simulation

Advanced Simulation solutions such as virtual prototyping and process simulation that are powered by SIMULIA and DELMIA. This set of apps bridges the virtual and real worlds.

Social and Collaborative

Bring external and internal stakeholders together

Information Intelligence

Create user-friendly widgets and dashboards for personal and professional use. This helps analyze and share information across multiple platforms in the organization and enables access to all data, both structured and unstructured, on the platform.

With such applications, organizations from different industries can gain many benefits when using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, such as:

  • User-friendly platform for all users
  • Allows internal and external users to easily exchange ideas
  • Non-designers can be a part of the design process
  • Offers optimum safety and data security
  • Provides accurate data-driven results


Industries That Can Benefit from 3DEXPERIENCE Solutions

3DEXPERIENCE solutions offer benefits for multiple industries. Here are the top ten industries that can benefit from using this innovative platform:

1. Construction

3dexperience for the construction industry

The rising urban population across the globe has put increasing pressure on the AECO (Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Owner) Industry. Demands for efficiently building stunning structures and systems now comes along with designing them for long-term sustainability and solve a range of issues for multiple stakeholders.

The 3DEXPERIENCE solutions take things up a notch and allow engineers to test all kinds of “what if” scenarios through simulations. Based on those results planners and designers can create disaster-resilient buildings. This improves the overall life-cycle and reduces maintenance costs.

The platform also helps architects by allowing faster iteration and evaluations of designs. The latest technology also redefines how infrastructure designers and architects can collaborate on projects and maximizes efficiency.


2. Aerospace and Defense

3dexperience for the aerospace industry

Seamless moving between the real and virtual world is the only way for aerospace and defense companies to move forward in the competition. By adopting digital transformation, companies can expand their services and create a more responsive value chain.

With 3DEXPERIENCE, suppliers and aerospace OEMs can leverage lean practices, meet demands without compromising quality, and integrate new technologies that allow greater agility on production rate to sustain new air and space vehicles.


3. Consumer and Retail Goods

3dexperience for the consumer goods industry

Today’s customers are savvy, and they no longer look for just the price and quality. They look beyond it and want to be part of the product experience. This is especially true in the consumer-packaged goods industry, and if companies fail to meet these expectations, they will lose customers.

CPG product life cycles have become shorter, and companies are using digital solutions to deliver innovation. This is why 3DEXPERIENCE allows retailers and brand manufacturers to go to consumers from concepts in one virtual environment.


4. Business Services

3dexperience for the business industry

The business industry requires innovation and efficiency at every step of its operation, services, and supply chain.

3DEXPERIENCE digitizes the business to improve operations, security, and collaboration in a cost-effective way and time-saving manner so that more time can be allotted to providing customer services.


5. Energy and Materials

3dexperience for the oil and gas industry

The oil, metal, gas, mining, mineral, and mining industries face challenges including environmental concerns and public scrutiny. This often forces them to change their business models and a lot of companies following traditional models tend to suffer financial losses.

To drive innovation, 3DEXPERIENCE offers to create a platform to safely work and cost-effectively meet project requirements. Thanks to its collaborative management, the business model is more transparent and meets stakeholder demands. This offers better scalability to create safer, more efficient power systems.


6. High-Technology

3dexperience for the it and technology industry

Tech products are catalysts to change lives. The technology sector is more data-driven than ever. Companies need to forecast their capacities and offer new innovations for every single product. This is a tedious task, and research and development are certainly not cheap.

The quick and easy solution to this would be the “Accelerated Device” from 3DEXPERIENCE that reduces the time required for NPI and consults engineers, designers, and product managers to consolidate their views of the product with the external partners.

Apart from collaboration, it also offers advanced 3D design, analysis, and simulation. Overall, this allows companies to introduce new products in the market at a faster rate.


7. Industrial Equipment

3dexperience for industrial production

IoT, automation, networked communication, and cloud computing are familiar concepts in the industrial equipment market. Here, an efficient supply chain is everything, and digitizing the chain is the only way to move forward.

An agriculture machinery group named CLAAS used 3DEXPERIENCE and its “Single Source for Speed” solution.

The benefit was that CLAAS was able to allow access to its designers across the globe so they can get all the latest product information, participate in digital simulation before manufacture, and design reuse to mitigate production waste and errors.


8. Transport and Mobility

3dexperience for the automotive industry

The transport and mobility sector are very different from what it was 50 years ago. Tesla is a prime example of where the transport industry is headed. Technology has changed the industry, and data-driven results are what every company is aiming for.

3CON, a leader in manufacturing in the automotive industry, was aiming for these same data-driven results and wanted to accelerate their production and delivery. They used 3DEXPERIENCE for workflow management, collaboration, and virtual design. As a result, they were able to increase productivity by thirty percent.

We believe other companies in the transportation and mobility sector can achieve similar feats by using 3DEXPERIENCE solutions.


9. Marine and Offshore

3dexperience for the marine and offshore industry

The marine and offshore industry is already embracing digital transformation. However, it requires a platform that can integrate designs, simulation, engineering, and manufacturing, streamlining in a single collaborative platform to stay ahead of the game. This is where 3DEXPERIENCE solutions come to play.


10. Home and Lifestyle

3dexperience for the home lifestyle industry

The home and lifestyle industry has become highly competitive because customers have unlimited choices. Without digitizing the entire system, companies will not be able to meet customer demands.

Here are a few things 3DEXPERIENCE solutions can offer in this industry:

  • Improve product design with 3D technology and simulation.
  • Use digital assets to promote customer loyalty and excitement.
  • Improve the supply chain by optimizing, forecasting, and offering planning solutions.
  • Provide on-demand experiences to attract and satisfy consumers.


Final Thoughts

The 3DEXPERIENCE solution is a combination of applications that aim to provide efficiency, ingenuity, innovation, and collaboration at a level we have not seen before. To learn more about 3DEXPERIENCE solutions, you can request a quote from us.

The industries we mentioned are only a few that has a massive need to leverage on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. We believe that this comprehensive solution will soon be in use in every industry throughout the world.