5 Reasons Why your New Design Engineer needs to Attend SOLIDWORKS Simulation Training

February 23, 2021

Admit it or not, simulation software is a necessity for all manufacturing companies across all industries. It holds tremendous promise for reducing costs, improving product quality and speeding up time-to-market for manufactured goods.

Simulation solutions for SOLIDWORKS® provide an easy-to-use portfolio of analysis tools for predicting a product’s real-world physical behaviour by virtually testing CAD models. And what better way to leverage on its power than to have your product engineers undergo a comprehensive technical SOLIDWORKS Simulation training as part of their onboarding process?

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Training class at SEACAD Training Academy is an introductory course focused on teaching the fundamentals of Structural FEA using SOLIDWORKS Simulation.

Not only it will give your new product engineers a great way to kick-off their first project, there are also plenty of reasons why your new product engineers need to attend SOLIDWORKS Simulation Training in Singapore.

Check out the top 5 reasons:

  1. SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard Training allows users to become productive more quickly with the SOLIDWORKS Simulation Bundle
  2. Learn how to cut-costs before manufacturing the product in to the market
  3. Learn different real time case studies on how to optimize your product using SOLIDWORKS Simulation
  4. Gain confidence in your analyses by interactively learning step-by-step simulation processes from successful case studies
  5. Spend less time troubleshooting errors by learning SOLIDWORKS Simulation’s best practices

SEACAD Training Academy adapts to your learning availability and work style. In addition to our on-site classes, we provide online live training where you can interact with the instructor from the comfort of your own location.

From the Fundamentals of SOLIDWORKS (ideal for those starting their career in mechanical design or moving from a different 3D software) to our more advanced specialized classes in Simulation or Design Automation, at SEACAD Training Academy we have a class that meets the needs of your role and expertise level.