Top 7 Benefits of Learning SOLIDWORKS: Is it Worth It?

November 4, 2022


SOLIDWORKS is a popular CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering) software program used by millions of mechatronic engineers worldwide.

It is a fantastic program that allows replicating various materials’ behaviour and enables the creation of highly accurate 3D models. Furthermore, it integrates CAD productivity tools, design communication and validation, and product data management.

By digitally modelling and creating a combination of robotics, electronics, computer, and control systems, mechatronics has made unique products like smartphones and self-driving cars possible.

SOLIDWORKS is used by most of the design engineering world today and is widely regarded as the industry standard for product development. As businesses look to better themselves to gain a competitive advantage, SOLIDWORKS is becoming increasingly prominent and is widely adopted by many organisations.

Other industries that use SOLIDWORKS include:

  • – Aerospace & Aviation
  • – Consumer Products
  • – Industrial Products
  • – Manufacturing
  • – Medical Devices and Technology
  • – Oil & Gas


Is SOLIDWORKS worth learning?

SOLIDWORKS software - design products

1. Increases Productivity When Designing Products

With SOLIDWORKS 3D modelling, you can immediately simulate the design element in 3D and make any necessary revisions. In addition, SOLIDWORKS drawings assist in detecting inconsistencies and allow the users to make changes to the models whenever needed.

As a result, the engineers or designers are more productive as they can visualise the final product better, and the concept won’t need to be reconsidered later.

2. Improves Quality of Product Design

SOLIDWORKS provides designers with a wide range of tools that enable them to conduct in-depth engineering analyses of proposed designs. Correspondingly, errors are significantly decreased with higher accuracy when designing products, which results in better designs.

3. Better Team Collaboration

SOLIDWORKS allows every team member and stakeholder involved in the project to get seamless access to real-time data. For example, as all 3D models and 2D sketches are effectively shared, the entire team would be on the page. This translates into more precise communication and better collaboration between team members.

4. Easy to Create Design Documentation

One of the most critical aspects of creating is documenting your designs, which SOLIDWORKS makes very easy. As a result, your designs will automatically have fewer flaws, have better documentation, and make making specific adjustments to your designs simple.

5. Cost-Efficient

Standard-built components are included in SOLIDWORKS, which allows users to save time and money. In addition, SOLIDWORKS modelling helps users shorten their design process by eliminating repetitive activities, thus decreasing the time the product needs to be published in the market.

6. Short Learning Curve

The drafting processes offered by SOLIDWORKS are logical from beginning to end and have a consistent user interface. SOLIDWORKS also includes built-in lessons and a ton of excellent presets to make creating quick and stress-free.

This allows engineers and designers in businesses quickly convert to using SOLIDWORKS without losing too much time.

7. Adds Value to Your Portfolio

CAD professionals need every advantage they can get in today’s tough employment market, and SOLIDWORKS certification gives you a definite advantage. A “Certified SOLIDWORKS Processional” certification on your resume can increase your chances of getting contacted for interviews.


Mechatronics Engineer testing machinery

Is SOLIDWORKS easy to learn?

The quick answer is yes if you know the resources at your disposal.

Can I learn SOLIDWORKS on my own? How can I get started?

Yes, you can. The SOLIDWORKS YouTube channel is an excellent resource for step-by-step SOLIDWORKS tutorials and offers free tutorial videos and directions for learning the software. There are also SOLIDWORKS training courses on learning platforms such as Udemy and Linkedin that you can use for your learning path.

SOLIDWORKS also provide comprehensive training courses on everything you need to know about the SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD system.

However, if you want proper guidance and immediate feedback from qualified experts, we recommend starting your learning journey with SEACAD Training Academy.

Which is easier to learn: AutoCAD or SOLIDWORKS?

These two programs are known for being user-friendly. However, it depends on the user’s experience with 2D or 3D CAD software and their background.

AutoCAD would be simpler to use if a complete novice compared the two programs. Once the user has a firm grasp of 2D drafting, they can move on to 3D modelling and more intricate designs with multiple parts, assemblies, and animations.

SOLIDWORKS excels in developing sophisticated 3D models and simulations. SOLIDWORKS is the best choice if you need a CAD/CAM program to design machine parts in 3D and simulate their motion and dynamics.

The only reason these two programs are being compared is that they are the most well-known design applications in the world. They are diverse tools that focus on entirely different parts of the design.

Overall, SOLIDWORKS is easy to learn if you have some background in CAD programs and receive proper training lessons, and SEACAD Training Academy does just that.


How long will it take to learn SOLIDWORKS?

Create 3D models with software

It typically only takes a few days to learn the basic tools used for basic sketches and features. One can become a proficient SOLIDWORKS user in less than a month while committing to only a few hours daily.

To be professionally certified, you can expect a few months of continuous studying and practice.

To reach the certified expert level (CSWE-MD), it can take at least a year of training.


What can you design if you learn SOLIDWORKS?

Quite frankly, the possibilities are endless. Making solid models of mechanical parts and modifying them before simulating their motions could result in intriguing items, provided you have the mechanical drawings of vehicle components.

SOLIDWORKS excels in helping users “reverse engineer” existing products and creating new models from them. Examples include wind turbines, plane parts and automated robotic equipment.

Building made with steel and construction sheet metal


Do I need to be an engineer to learn and use SOLIDWORKS?

Of course, being an engineer or having engineering experience has advantages when learning and using SOLIDWORKS for their engineering design process and visualising solutions.

However, you can learn SOLIDWORKS even if you’re not an engineer. Besides product and mechanical engineers, other professions that use this popular software include industrial engineers, drafters, architects, construction planners, artists and many more.

Like engineers, these other professions use SOLIDWORKS similarly to visualise their products and evaluate their viability.


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