Benefits of SOLIDWORKS PDM-Part 1

June 27, 2020

Versioning of Files
Ever had the need to do something similar to the pictures below in Windows Explorer?

Benefits of SOLIDWORKS PDM-Part 1 Benefits of SOLIDWORKS PDM-Part 1

Many of us have multiple reasons for saving multiple versions of a file. It could be for record purposes or it could be because we fear having the need to revert changes and the reasons could go on and on. Keeping track of all these different versions can be rather untidy and requires the user to make a conscious effort to specifically save file as a different name.

One of my favourite benefit for SOLIDWORKS PDM is that it maintains the history of files, including all versions and revisions. This means that each time you modify or check in a file, a new version is created automatically. You can view, retrieve, compare, and restore earlier versions of files. When a file reaches a certain state (an assembly is approved for manufacture, for example), its revision can be incremented, either manually or as part of an automated workflow.

Below is an example of what your windows explorer would look like with SOLIDWORKS PDM. I would like to highlight on the version tab.

Benefits of SOLIDWORKS PDM-Part 1

Local revision refers to the revision on the client computer while latest revision refers to the revision on the server computer. The Version tab will always allow you to know which version you are currently working on.

Getting the old versions can also be done via Actions> Get Version.

Benefits of SOLIDWORKS PDM-Part 1

I could elaborate further on how PDM manages the versions but it can be covered in more details in a demo. Contact us now for a detailed demo!