Cloud Computing using 3DEXPERIENCE Simulation Roles

May 22, 2023

Do you needs to free up your Computing Resources on your Local Computer for running Simulations?

If yes, then taking advantage of the 3DEXPERIENCE Simulations roles cloud computing capability you can free up your local computer resources and solve single or multiple simulations simultaneously.

The 3DEXPERIENCE Simulation roles regardless of what type of Simulation you do like FEA, CFD or Electromagnetics we can use the extended cloud computing capability to run the Simulations faster regardless of the complexity of the models.

Cloud Computing using 3DEXPERIENCE Simulation Roles

There are two ways to make use of more number of Cores in the cloud computing in 3DEXPERIENCE Simulation Roles.

  1. SimUnit Credits (Consumable)
  2. SimUnit Tokens (Non-Consumable)

By increasing the number of CPU cores, solution times can decrease by 5X and more. As a result, we can solve problems faster and complete more design iterations in the same amount of time.

SimUnit credits and tokens can be used across all simulation disciplines in the 3DEXPERIENCE Works Simulation portfolio, including structures, fluids and electromagnetics.

SimUnit credits and tokens enable the expansion of available CPU cores on both local hardware and cloud computing. These options are available from a simple user interface under the “Simulate” panel. Cloud computing is expandable to up to 288 CPU cores of High Performance Computing (HPC). Local compute is limited by the number of cores available on your hardware.

SimUnit Credits

Cloud Computing using 3DEXPERIENCE Simulation Roles

SimUnit credits are the simplest way for clients to start using increased computing power. It consumed based on CPU usage and total solution runtime. A single pack provides a low entry point to access your full workstation compute capacity, or up to 288 cores on our cloud compute framework. They are generally good for low frequency workloads or when you need urgent access to additional hardware resource on cloud.


SimUnit Tokens

Cloud Computing using 3DEXPERIENCE Simulation Roles

Unlike Credits that are consumed when used, tokens are checked out as a simulation runs and they can be reused again once it ends. They do share the flexibility to be available to all users, and clients can also access any 3DEXPERIENCE Works Simulation domain solver with them. Tokens are the best option when a user is actively solving simulations for more than 5 hours every day of the year.


If you need assistance in cloud computing enquiry feel free to contact our support at or (65) 6372 1416.