Customize your SOLIDWORKS Toolbox Library (Creating new size and length to existing fasteners)

dateMay 20, 2021

In this Blog, learn how customize your toolbox library to create a new size and length to the existing fasteners.

SOLIDWORKS Toolbox is an Add-in tool available in SOLIDWORKS Professional package.

What is SOLIDWORKS Toolbox?

SOLIDWORKS Toolbox is a library of standard parts and tools that you can use to speed up the design process. The component parts can be added to the assembly using several methods.

Sometimes you want to create a fastener with a custom or standard size (which is not available on a library). Customizing your hardware is just a simple and easy process to do in SOLIDWORKS and once you go through this blog, you will be able to customize your hardware in a breeze.

In the attached video, we have gone through the steps to customize your hardware to create a new size and length.

Steps to follow:

Go to Options à System options àHole Wizard / Toolbox à Click Configure -> Customize your hardware

Go through the attached video and in that we will be creating a pan cross head screw with the length of 35 mm added to the existing fastener.

Similarly you can add a new size to the existing fatteners, as well.


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