Define your routing into Spool Segment

dateJune 27, 2020

Using SOLIDWORKS Routing you can easily define spool segment into your piping system.


To do that we need to activate the routing add-in first on the option> Add-in > tick the SOLIDWORKS Routing.


In the command manager tab, make sure the Piping tab is active and choose the Define Spools.


After that select the pipe segment that you want to assign as spool-0001 (name of the spool, you can change it according to your preference). In this case we select 3 pipe including the vertical pipe after the Tees (see the highlighted line)


This spool also consist of spool component which in this case is the 1 tee and 3 flanges. After that hit OK.

If you look at the Feature Manager Tree, there will be a new folder named Spool-0001 (base on the spool name that you specify) and it is consist of the pipes and component which belong to the spool.

You can do the same to the other segment of your routing/piping system.


After defining the spools, you can use the spool reference inside your drawing BOM.


You can also create drawings using the Pipe Drawing menu inside piping command manager tab.


Using the Pipe Drawing menu, you can choose the spool selection before creating the drawings and also you can choose the placement of each drawings, within the same sheet or creating a new sheet for each spool.


The result will be automatically creation of drawing with BOM tables if the option was checked. This features reduce your time in creating spool drawing. The image below is the sample of using Pipe drawing menu.