DraftSight Enterprise Plus: Creating 3D using Push and Pull

November 9, 2021

In DraftSight Enterprise, we often deal with 2D sketches. But in DraftSight Enterprise Plus, we can make a step forward to turn the 2D sketches into 3D solids.

Push and Pull is the feature that we are going to take a look at in this article. Using the Push and Pull command, we can extrude 2D entities into surfaces or extrude 3D solids.


Based on the type of entity, we are going to get varying results by applying Push and Pull commands. For example: 

Push and Pull lines or arcs, we get surfaces.

Push and Pull existing closed entities, we get 3D solids.

Below steps show how we can utilize Push and Pull to create 3D solid:


Step 1: Activate 3D Modeling workspace

There are 3 types of workspace in DraftSight Enterprise Plus by default, namely “Classic”, “Drafting and Annotation” and “3D Modelling workspace”. It will be easier for us to work on 3D design by activating 3D Modeling workspace.


Step 2: Create a 2D Sketch

Create a 2D sketch of our design. We can sketch anything, but please make sure that the sketch consists of closed entities in order to form a 3D solid.


Step 3: Click at Push and Pull/Type “Pushpull” in Command Tab

Two ways to activate the Push and Pull command here.


Step 4: Specify entity and Specify height

Once the Push and Pull command is activated, we will be prompted to “Specify entity”, which can be done by simply left-mouse-click at anywhere of the closed entities. Next, we will be prompted to “Specify height”, in which we can simply type a dimension and then press “Enter”.

We may not notice anything happens here, but a 3D solid is already created!


Step 5: Use Constrained Orbit to Rotate 3D Solid

To view the created 3D solid, we can activate “Constrained Orbit” in the View tab. Then, with a left-mouse-click on the 3D solid without releasing it, we can rotate the 3D solid to a better angle, e.g. isometric view. Now we can see the 3D solid, but with 2D lines representing the whole body.


Step 6: Use Render Options for Better View

To view the 3D solid better, we can utilize some render options such as Flat, Gouraud or Flat with edges.

Check out the video below to see how easy we can create a 3D using Push and Pull.