How to connect Dassault Systemes License Server from client machine?

dateJuly 27, 2022

If DSLS has been installed on a separate machine, or if you need connect to license servers for licenses. The following instruction will explain how to connect license server to obtain license.

In Server Machine 

In server machine, you should open port 4085 for client machine to access and obtain the license.

  1. Control Panel > System and Security > Window Defender Firewall > Advanced Settings
  2.  Right Click Inbound Rules



3. Select Port as Rule Type an Click Next


4. In specified local ports, add 4085 and click Next


 5. Allow the connection and click Next twice



6. Give name DSLS and click "Finish"


  7. Repeat the same process for Outbound Rules


In Client Machine

-   Create a folder called Licenses in the DriveC > Program Data > Dassault Systems directory.

-  Create a file called DSLicSrv.txt.

- List the server names and port numbers required.

- Close the text file once done.

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