How To Mirror 3D Sketch in SOLIDWORKS ?

How To Mirror 3D Sketch in SOLIDWORKS ?

dateSeptember 6, 2022

Did you try to do the mirror for 3D Sketch before?

In SolidWorks 2018 onwards, users can able to mirror 3D Sketch Entities. Below article we have attached a steps to do a mirror for 3D Sketch Entities. Kindly look at it.

  1. Create a 3D Sketch to Mirror

2. Click Mirror Entities > Select 3D Sketch Entities to Mirror and select a Plane or Planar surface in Mirror About as like below.



3. After mirroring 3D Sketch Entities, we able to do a feature like below.


By using these technique (3D Sketch Mirroring) we can able to modelling faster and more efficiently.