How to restart Windows Services Using Task Scheduler?
dateMarch 30, 2020

SOLIDWORKS PDM Server uses two Server Services. One is Archive Server Service another is Database Server Services.

The services may need to be restarted periodically to ensure the consistent Server performance. And we can set up the restarting task runs during the non-working hour so that it will not affect the normal use of PDM system.

If you face the PDM performance problems, you may want to set up this task by following the below steps.


Step 1: Start > Control Panel.
jiun 1

Step 2: Select the Administrative Tools.

jiun 2


Step 3: Open the Task Scheduler by typing “Task” in the Windows search box:

jiun 3


Step 4: Click the “Task Scheduler Library” and select “Create a Basic Task…” from the Actions list on the right.

jiun 4


Step 5: Name the task as the SOLIDWORKS PDM Archive server restart. Fill in the Description of the task, and click Next.

jiun 5


Step 6: Select the trigger as Daily, Weekly, or Monthly based on you needs. Click Next.

jiun 6


In this case, we select is Daily.

Pick a time where there will be no activity such as 7:10:10 AM. And click Next

jiun 7


Step 7: Click Next and for the Action select “Start a program”. Click Next

jiun 8


For the Program/Script type Can Browse the file. Click Next

jiun 9


For the script file you can use Notepad to edit and save as a .bat file.

jiun 10


Step 8: Before Finish, select the Open the Properties dialog checkbox, click Finish.

step 8


In the General tab select “Run whether user is logged in or not”. Click OK.

in the general


Fill in the user name and password. The user must have sufficient administrative permission to execute the script.

jiun 13


Finally, you will see the task as follow:

jiun 14

That is it, now you have successfully defined a task and it is good to go!