How to view the Mirror Results in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

dateJune 26, 2020

Did you know that you can view the mirror results in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation when using symmetry Boundary condition?

In SOLIDWORKS 2016 onwards, users can view the mirror results when they use symmetry on their problems. Below article we have attached a steps to view the mirror results in Flow Simulation. Kindly look at it.


1. By using computational domain we can able to create a Symmetry to reduce the size of the domain to solve the problem faster.

2. Once Simulation is done and ready to view the results, you can able to create a cut plot and surface plot to see the symmetry results.


3. By using cut plot to see the Mirror Results, kindly follow the below screenshots without Enabling Mirror Results


After Enabling Mirror Results        


4. Below is the Surface Plot to view the Mirror Results: