dateNovember 10, 2023


To ensure the process of installation or upgrade to SOLIDWORKS 2024 is as smooth and trouble-free as possible. To achieve this, we encourage you to embrace the following best practices: 

  • Deactivate ALL SOLIDWORKS licenses from your existing installed SOLIDWORKS version(s) to ensure the license is completely released and available for reactivation.


As the computer ID is generated based on various components of the computer system, and due to a change in the latest FlexLM licensing technology that SOLIDWORKS 2024 is using, User will likely encounter license activation failure if the SOLIDWORKS license is not being transferred out from existing installed version(s).


If you are planning to upgrade to SOLIDWORKS 2024 version, we strongly suggest you to follow the steps as below:

   Step 1: Launch existing installed SOLIDWORKS version(s), and release/deactivate the license.

   Step 2: Install / Upgrade software version to SOLIDWORKS 2024.

   Step 3: Activate your SOLIDWOKRS license in SOLIDWORKS 2024.

* Please click this link for instructions on how to deactivate a license.


In the event the license could not be successfully activated even a prior deactivation had been performed -- eg.received “activation count exceeded” alert, you may try to repeat the activation process at least 3 times and monitor if the activation succeeds.


If you required any further assistance, please contact our technical support team at or call us at +65 6226 3784.