Lattice Designer in 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

May 20, 2024

Additive manufactured lightweight parts frequently incorporate lattice designs. The conventional approaches to creating lattice designs are typically time-consuming.

Lattice Designer in 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform having a role name called Lattice Designer which helps to enables the conceptual and detailed design of previously unachievable complex lattice structures for lightweight parts that are produced using additive manufacturing. As part of the world-leading CATIA geometric modeler, it delivers robust and scalable complex design without limitation on model size, visualization or number of cells.

The lattice data produced by the Lattice Design app are seamlessly integrated with SIMULIA structural validation solutions, providing an unreached confidence in the mechanical performances of the design engineered with lattice structures.

The Lattice Designer role enables a direct and high fidelity output to the formats readable by additive manufacturing machines. STL, AMF or 3MF exported data or guaranteed to be watertight, ensuring a quick and reliable processing by 3D printers.


Lattice Design Shapes:

The cells have different shapes to create the lattice design and below are some shapes that are available in Lattice Designer Role.

Lattice Designer in 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

Uses of the Lattice Design:

  • To Reduce the Part
  • To absorb energy or Vibrations
  • To optimize heat Exchangers (Size and Efficiency)
  • To Create Fancy / Aesthetic Shapes
  • To improve the Osseointegration of a bone Prosthesis

The Lattice Designer Role Advantages:

  • Provide lattice structure design capabilities at all stage of the design process,¬†without limitation of the model size, number of motif, visualization
  • Guide the user in the design workflow thanks to an assistant, from the definition of the regions to infill with lattice, to the creation of the conceptual and detailed lattice geometries.
  • Create basic geometries or modify the input geometries with direct modeling capabilities
  • Seamlessly integrate the lattice design with structural validation using Simulia
  • Provide 3D printers with the best suited output format for production, watertight guaranteed STL, AMF and 3MF output, ready to print


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