5 Best Mechanical Design Software for Engineers (Updated 2023)

July 11, 2023

Direct CAD Modeling software tools

Mechanical Design Software refers to specially-made programs for engineers and designers. These tools are used to create, analyse, and simulate mechanical components in engineering.

Good mechanical engineering design software has 2D and 3D Computer Assisted Designs (CAD), Simulation Tools, and CNC Machining, as well as integration with other engineering tools. The importance of a user-friendly interface and access to seamless collaborative tools also cannot be overstated.

In this article, we go over the top 5 Mechanical Design Software tools for engineers. Through computer-aided engineering, mechanical design is made simple and accessible to users.

Key Takeaways

Mechanical Design Software is integral for speeding up work processes and can benefit engineers greatly.

Good Mechanical design software has a range of functions such as CAD, simulation, and CNC capabilities.

The top 5 tools for mechanical engineers are DraftSight 2D CAD, SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD CATIA, SIMULIA, CAMWORKS, and SOLIDWORKS Inspection.

Top 5 Design Software for Mechanical Engineers

DraftSight 2D CAD

Draw mechanical systems with CAD software

DraftSight 2D CAD is a feature-rich CAD solution designed for architects, engineers, and construction service providers. CAD software is integral in modern-day mechanical design operations. It is primarily used for creating, editing, viewing, and marking up 2D and 3D DWG files.

DraftSight is an affordable option that offers high performance and flexibility, allowing users to optimise and maximise designs. It allows users to transition effortlessly from 2D drafting to 3D modelling and back again. It also integrates with Dassault Systèmes and SOLIDWORKS solutions, allowing for seamless connections between different types of mechanical engineering design software.

DraftSight also provides an easy transition from AutoCAD and similar CAD software due to its similarity. Through SEACAD, we offer different packages, including DraftSight Standard, Professional, Premium, Enterprise, and Enterprise Plus, catering to different user needs. Find out more here.


Mechanical drawing detailing tools with SOLIDWORKS

SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD CATIA specialises in 3D Computer Assisted Design. It’s used primarily by engineers and architects for visualising objects in 3D. CATIA is ideal for automating design and technical documentation, in order to help engineers craft complex mechanical parts.

SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD CATIA allows users to conceptualise their innovative product designs. With a suite of powerful features, and an easy-to-learn interface, it’s perfect for organisations and educational institutions of any size.

SEACAD offers different packages for this CAD tool, including SOLIDWORKS Standard, Professional, and Premium, to cater to specific CAD solution needs. Learn more about them here.


SIMULIA is a simulation software used for predicting a product’s physical behaviour. Using Finite Element Analysis (FEA), real-world conditions can be accurately recreated and tested.

SIMULIA has various tools that are simple to pick up, including FEA and CFD simulation software. It allows users to virtually test ideas, evaluate performance, raise product quality, and reduce the costs of prototyping and physical testing.

Get SIMULIA with different packages from SEACAD, including SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard, Professional, Premium, and Flow Simulation.


Advanced features to aid in mechanical projects

CAMWorks is a Computer-Aided Manufacturing software for CNC machining that is fully integrated with SOLIDWORKS. It is used to automate the manufacturing process, reducing time and cost, and lowering the impact of making errors.

CAMWorks has features such as Automatic Feature Recognition (AFR) and high-speed machining toolpaths, which can cut down axis machining and programming time significantly. It can work with complex 3D shapes and prismatic parts, allowing a user to speed up their workflow while enabling collaboration between teams. CAMWorks is even integrated with our other tools, allowing for easy cross-compatibility.

Different packages are available through SEACAD, including CAMWorks Standard, Premium, Turning Pro, and Milling Pro, to cater to different CNC machining needs. Contact us for more information on CAMWorks.


Advanced software tools to help your engineering processes

SOLIDWORKS Inspection is a first article inspection (FAI) and in-process inspection tool. It can be used to create inspection reports using CAD data from other programs. This program greatly simplifies the reporting process, saving time, lowering costs, and improving quality. Through its integration with SOLIDWORKS CAD, it’s made easy to deploy as a standalone application.

SOLIDWORKS Inspection uses Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to automate input and reduce human errors. It also handles revisions with ease using its advanced 2D/3D comparison tool. Find out more about SOLIDWORKS Inspection.

Unsure about the differences between SOLIDWORKS vs AutoCAD? Learn about their differences here.

Other Practical Software for Mechanical Engineers

Apart from computer-aided design software, SEACAD offers plenty of supplementary programs that can help a mechanical engineer speed up their workflow.


ENOVIA PDM software

ENOVIA SOLIDWORKS PDM is a product data management solution. It can help aggregate design data and improve how collaboration works. It’s used to store info on a team’s CAD and design process, enhancing the ability to work on projects simultaneously.

SOLIDWORKS PDM software is fully configurable and enables teams to manage SOLIDWORKS files across various programs. It centralises the storage of data and provides a host of features including file management, multi-document preview, bill of materials (BOM) management, automated neutral file creation, automated approval process, automated data import and export, version control, serial number generators, dashboards and reports, project management, and engineering change management. Having such fine control over your files is integral to making the engineering process go smoothly.

Learn more about SOLIDWORKS PDM solutions today with SEACAD.

If you’re looking for a product lifecycle management (PLM) system, why not check out our ENOVIA PLM software? You can also learn more about what PLM software can do for you here.

SOLIDWORKS Solutions For Your Mechanical Engineering Projects

When it comes to choosing the right software for your mechanical engineering needs, you can get it all from a single provider. SOLIDWORKS by Dassault Systèmes provides a whole suite of powerful engineering simulation capabilities across its product range.

As the official SOLIDWORKS reseller and partner in Singapore, SEACAD can provide all sorts of deals and offers on SOLIDWORKS products, allowing you to easily view and purchase mechanical engineering software. We also provide training and courses to help new users pick up our tools. Our team of experts are ready to assist you in finding the perfect solutions for your business.

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