MySolidWorks: Your new one-stop SOLIDWORKS customer portal

February 15, 2023

MySolidWorks: Your new one-stop SOLIDWORKS customer portal

Near the end of 2022, SOLIDWORKS® launched Wave 1 of a multi-stage project to unify our customer records with the system that manages all other 3DEXPERIENCE® brands at Dassault Systèmes, called DSx.Client Care & Order.

This blog will cover the following points:

  • Accessing your SOLIDWORKS Subscription Services benefits
  • MySolidWorks site
  • Certification Exam Voucher Redemption
  • SOLIDWORKS Administrators

All customers of SEACAD TECHNOLOGIES PTE LTD are a part of Wave 1 users.

  • Wave 1 users must choose the3DEXPERIENCE login option rather than use the SOLIDWORKS login fields on websites like, and
  • This is the only method that will grant you access to Subscription Services benefits, such as Software DownloadsTrainingKnowledge Baseor Support. You no longer need to visit the SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal.
  • Switching to the 3DEXPERIENCE login page is part of the project to unify two separate authentication and customer record systems. Your email address will be used to join your SOLIDWORKS ID and existing entitlements with your 3DEXPERIENCE ID in DSx.Client Care & Order.

If you had a SOLIDWORKS ID account, such as the one you used to log into the SW Customer Portal, use it to log in on the 3DEXPERIENCE login page.

  • Email address:  Enter the email address you have been using previously for SOLIDWORKS ID.
  • Password:  Enter your password you have been using previously for SOLIDWORKS ID.

If you don’t have a SOLIDWORKS ID account and you are in Wave 1, you can create simply create a new 3DEXPERIENCE ID.


Logging into site:

MySolidWorks: Your new one-stop SOLIDWORKS customer portal

MySolidWorks: Your new one-stop SOLIDWORKS customer portal

Are there dual logins?

The 3DEXPERIENCE login page communicates with the SOLIDWORKS account system. The first time you log into the 3DEXPERIENCE login page with your SOLIDWORKS ID, it finds it in the SOLIDWORKS system and creates a mirror account in 3DEXPERIENCE.

Your email address is the link between the two systems. This mirror account allows you to potentially have different passwords in the two systems.


How can I access my SOLIDWORKS Subscription Services benefits?

Your subscription entitlement will be defined at your company/organizational level. Your company/organization will be entitled to Subscription Service benefits as long as it owns and maintains (active subscription period) SOLIDWORKS products.
Any contacts listed within your organization will be considered entitled.

Your individual Subscription Services benefits will now be assigned by your organization administrator (refer to “What to do if I am the SOLIDWORKS Administrator for my organization?”). When you want to access Software Downloads, Training, Knowledge Base or Support, you simply log in and the system will look up your entitlements in the new system.


If you are a SOLIDWORKS Desktop user and wish to access SW Software downloads, refer to the image below:

MySolidWorks: Your new one-stop SOLIDWORKS customer portal

For MySolidWorks training content, refer to the image below:

MySolidWorks: Your new one-stop SOLIDWORKS customer portal

You can check your MySolidWorks account subscription from the “My Profile” option, under the “My Subscription” tab.

Your profile page will also show your company name, your SOLIDWORKS Reseller, any taken certifications in your account and general about info.


Certification Exam Voucher Redemption:

For active subscription customers trying to access the free certification offer and are encountering an error:

  1. Get the email addresses and SOLIDWORKS CAD license serial number of the users that would like to get the exam vouchers.


2. Choose the papers available for your redemption:

MySolidWorks: Your new one-stop SOLIDWORKS customer portal

3. You can forward this information to SEACAD support ( or send an email directly to


Once the certification team receives the email, they will generate a link that will get sent to each of the email addresses that they received.
Users will receive an email with a link that will then take them to the redemption process where they can complete the request as usual and instantly receive their voucher codes.

DS is targeting to have the new redemption process up and running in April 2023 prior to the next big wave of migrations.


What to do if I am the SOLIDWORKS Administrator for my organization?

Do note that the SOLIDWORKS Admin portal is no longer used to manage your SOLIDWORKS products & services.

This has been moved to the Contact Administration tool in the DSx Client Care and order, which allows you to view and manage your staff.

This tool allows you to view and manage the people who are associated with your company/organization.

You do not need to assign products to members anymore to grant access to Subscription Services. You only need to add a contact to an entitled organization. If one of your team needs access to Subscription Services, the new process is as follows:

MySolidWorks: Your new one-stop SOLIDWORKS customer portal

  1. Login to DSx Client Care and Order,
  2. Click Contact Administration from the Main Menu
  3. Create a new contact for your staff/colleague if they are not listed

Optional: Assign a role, generally, the “Support Restricted” role is appropriate for most SOLIDWORKS users.

The contact will be considered entitled when they log in with a 3DEXPERIENCE ID using the same email address you defined when you added the contact. If they do not have a 3DEXPERIENCE ID, they can create one at any time.

Existing SOLIDWORKS Administrators have been automatically granted the Security Administrator role for their organizations, which allows access to Contact Administration in the DSx Client Care and Order.


Upcoming changes:

In the coming months, all global users will slowly be transitioned to the DSx Client Care & Order through a phased approach to minimize disruptions.

After the migration is complete later in 2023, the 3DEXPERIENCE login system will stop communicating with the SOLIDWORKS account system and your account will live on as a 3DEXPERIENCE ID.


If you are still facing any SOLIDWORKS login issues, you can contact and we will assist you.