Add or Modify SOLIDNETWORK License Server for PDM

dateJune 27, 2020

All SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard/Professional are floating licenses which means the PDM client need to be linked to the SOLIDNETWORK License manager to pull the license.

After installing the PDM server (refer to the article on how to add PDM server). In the PDM administration tool, license manager has to be added or it can be done by modifying the installation as well.

To add the SOLIDNETWORK License manager from the PDM administration tools follow the instructions below.

  • In the Client Workstation – Windows – Start – Search for Administration – Click the PDM Administration tool to start it.

  • Create a file vault or expand the existing file vault.

  • Right-click the License node and select Open.


  • On the Server List tab, click Add. Enter the SolidNetWork License Manager’s address in the form: port@SNLServerName
  • The default port number is 25734. You can enter either the host name or IP address of the SolidNetWork License server for SNLServerName. Ensure that all clients are able to connect to the server by IP address or host name. Click OK.


  • Click the License Usage tab to ensure that SOLIDWORKS PDM licenses are available. Click OK.