How to Resolve the Error “Could Not Obtain a License for SOLIDWORKS Standard”?

dateMarch 23, 2022

Have you encountered the error "Could Not Obtain a License for SOLIDWORKS Standard" when opening SOLIDWORKS on a client PC? Here's how to resolve this issue, preliminarily.


Steps to resolve the Error:

1. Check if the server can be pinged from the client's. Open a DOS prompt on the client PC and type: ping server name. A message must be received informing that the ping is successful.


2. Check if it is possible to Telnet to the server. Open a DOS prompt on the client and enter: Telnet where the port is being used by the SolidNetWork License Manager. The default port value is 25734.  If the connection is successful, the DOS prompt will go blank showing only a blinking cursor.


3. Check if the license file has been correctly read in. For SOLIDWORKS 2010 version or later, check if the SNL license has been activated.


4. Check if the SNL Manager has been started.

5. Check if the clients are pointing to the correct server through license Administrator and/or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\FLEXlm License Manager\SW_D_license_file. Be sure that the server name and port are spelt correctly.


6. Check that the firewall on the server is not on or has ports defined to allow the SNL Manager to work.

7. Make sure that the SNL Administrator on the client machine is the same version and service pack as that of the server.

8. Verify whether an options file is being used on the server.

9. Is the SNL Manager installed on a support Microsoft Windows operating system?

10. Verify whether any licenses has been borrowed.

11. Verify whether the problem is resolved if the SNL Manager is stopped, the existing sw_d.lic file renamed, the license read in again and the SNL Manager restarted (SOLIDWORKS 2009 and prior).

12. Test with all add-ins deselected on client machines.

13. Verify whether the customer has the correct version of the license file for the version of SOLIDWORKS that has been installed (SOLIDWORKS 2009 and prior).

14. Test whether the problem occurs for a particular user or all users. Verify if the problem occurs for 1 machine or all machines.

15. Check that there is not a file called SolidWorksStandaloneLic.lic in:

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\SOLIDWORKS


After you have tried the steps laid out here and still the issue persists, feel free to contact our support at or (65) 6372 1416.