SolidNetWork License Order Guide

June 10, 2024

Ensuring that users obtain the appropriate SOLIDWORKS network licenses for their tasks is essential for configuring your SOLIDWORKS environment effectively. The License Order tab in the SolidNetWork License Manager allows you to specify the sequence in which your network licenses are used, optimizing their allocation and usage.


To reorder the Licenses:

  1. Navigate to Window Start >> SOLIDWORKS Tools (version) >> SolidNetWork License Manager Client (version)SolidNetWork License Order Guide
  2. Select the License Order tab

SolidNetWork License Order Guide

3.Click ‘Move Up’ and ‘Move Down’ button to reorder the sequence, click ‘OK’ to apply.

Example: SOLIDWORKS Plastic License Hierarchy

SOLIDWORKS Plastic is available in three versions.

  1. Plastic Standard
  2. Plastic Professional
  3. Plastic Premium

You may compare the SOLIDWORKS Plastic version here


By ordering the desired Plastic version, we can choose which license the client will use when they activate the SOLIDWORKS Plastic add-in. This feature comes in handy when a client needs to use only Plastic Professional tools for their study, which keeps the more advanced Plastic Premium available for another user.

SolidNetWork License Order Guide

In the scenario above, as we prioritized SOLIDWORKS Plastic Premium over SOLIDWORKS Plastic Professional, activating the Plastic add-in in SOLIDWORKS will result in pulling the Plastic Premium license. This grants users access to the full range of studies available in Plastic Premium.

If all the Plastic Premium licenses are in use when another user activates the Plastic add-in, then the next available license to be pulled will be the Plastic Professional.

(Note: Clicking the Reset button will reorder the licenses to their default order.)


Additionally, the license order is applicable to other SolidWorks products, including CAD, CAM, Simulation, Visualize, and more.


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