SOLIDWORKS Common Issue : The Font "Arial Unicode MS" Is Not Installed Correctly

dateMarch 6, 2023

Are you experiencing issues with the Arial Unicode MS font while working on your SOLIDWORKS designs? This can be frustrating, but there are steps you can take to resolve the issue.

The Arial Unicode MS font is a complex font that contains characters from multiple languages. SOLIDWORKS may not recognize this font, resulting in incorrect or missing characters. To fix this issue, you can follow the steps below:


1. Download Arial Unicode MS Font from the below link: 


2. Extract the zip folder to get this (Arial Unicode MS Font.ttf) file


3. Open Windows Settings -> Personalization -> Fonts


4. Drag the (.ttf) file to the Drag and Drop to install Box


5. Restart the computer and try Save as PDF again.


If you are still facing any SOLIDWORKS technical issues, you can contact and we will assist you.