SOLIDWORKS INSTALLATION GUIDE - Modifying the existing Installation (Standalone License)

dateOctober 8, 2020

When is it required to modify the SOLIDWORKS Standalone Installation?

Scenario: 1 Modify to add serial number and install add-on products or install missing add-ins

User need to edit the existing installation and install any new add-on products.

Eg: A computer is only installed with SolidWorks without simulation and flow simulation. User can choose to modify the installation and update the serial number for the add-on products and install the files for simulation and flow simulation or any other products.

Scenario: 2 Upgrade Solidworks License package and Conversion of Standalone to Network

Upgraded your SolidWorks license packages. (SolidWorks standard, Professional and Premium) or Converting the Standalone license to Network license (Also Check how to link server to the client workstation).

Eg: Existing SolidWorks Standard license has been upgraded to SolidWorks Professional or Premium license or SolidWorks Professional to Premium or SolidWorks Professional with Simulation professional/Premium.

Scenario: 3 License swapping between multiple computers.

User need to swap the Solidworks licenses with another user.

Eg: Changing from one serial number to a different serial number. Imagine a company has multiple SolidWorks standalone (Single user) licenses. Let’s say User A is using SolidWorks Premium with Simulation premium license and User 2 is using SolidWorks professional license. User 2 has a requirement to use the SolidWorks Premium add ins so he need to swap the license with the User A.

Note: Before changing the Standalone serial number make sure to Transfer/Deactivate the licenses.

When is it required to modify the SolidWorks Network installation?

Scenario: 1 Change serial number or add more solidworks network serial number into same server.

Example: If your company acquires new network license and add it to the same SolidNetWork license manage. Note more than one SolidWorks Network license can be added into the SolidNetWork license manager by typing comma (,) after the end of the serial number.


Steps for Modifying the Installation:

  1. First check the existing SOLIDWORKS Version and Service Pack.(Refer to how to find the serial number, version and service pack guide)
  2. Ensure the Copy of the installation files are available. (DVD or the Installation file folder) If the existing version is SOLIDWORKS 2018 SP3.0 then you need the Installation files or DVD of SOLIDWORKS 2018 SP3.0. (Refer to Downloading the installation files guide)
  3. If you are going to change/swap the serial number, Make sure to Transfer/Deactivate the license first.
  4. Login as administrator. Run the setup.exe or sldIM.exe (sldIM folder) from the DVD or Installation folder. If you are using the DVD you might need to change to DVD 2 if the installation prompt a message to change DVD.
  5. If you get a message on system rebooting please click Ok to continue the installation.
  6. In the Welcome page – Choose “Modify the individual installation (on this computer)”. Click next.
  7. In the serial number page, Serial number can be changed or new serial numbers can be added to the install different products/add-ons. Click Next.
  8. Installation manager will connect to SolidWorks to check the license status and maintenance end date. Please make sure SolidWorks application is closed.
  9. In the Product selection page, select the product/add-ons to install and click Next.
  10. In the summary page, Select the checkbox for accept the terms of the SolidWorks and Click Modify Now.
  11. Installation will be completed. Click Finish and restart the computer.

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