SOLIDWORKS Network License Installation-Client

dateJuly 24, 2023


  1. Log in as the local administrator on the computer. This is to ensure that you have full permissions on the entire machine.

         NOTES: If you are using the installation files folder, to ensure smooth installation process, before unzip the installation zip file, access              to the properties of installation Zip file and checked “Unblock” Option and click “OK”.

2. Insert the SOLIDWORKS 2023 DVD / Open installation folder

3. Click “OK” to continue the installation.

4. In the SOLIDWORKS 2023 Installation manager, select “Install on this computer” and click Next.

5. In the SOLIDWORKS 2023 Installation manager “key in your serial number” and click Next.

(Note: This will be auto filled up if existing SOLIDWORKS is detected.)

  6. NOTE: If you have earlier version of SOLIDWORKS installed, please select: NEW Installation instead of upgrade from current version.

7. Make sure the summary page points to the correct version of SOLIDWORKS that you are going to install/upgrade. Click on “Change”              next to products.


8. You can view the package that you are going to install. At this page, you can customize the products that will be installed. If the package is         incorrect, you can change for the correct package via the link “Select different packages or products”. Click “Back to Summary”.



9. On the summary page, click “CHANGE” under “Download Options”.


 10. NOTE: Unchecked “use the background downloader for future service packs” and click “Back to Summary”.


11. On the summary page, click “CHANGE” under “Installation Location”.

12. To keep installation files neat, add a suffix version name to the end of installation folder (C:\Program files\SOLIDWORKS Corp 2023).             Click “Back to Summary”.


13. Back to the Summary page, click “CHANGE” under “Toolbox/Hole Wizard Options”.


14.  Select options “I” or “II”:

I. “Create a new SOLIDWORKS Toolbox”. Add a suffix version name to the end of installation folder (C:\SOLIDWORKS Data                          2023), click “OK” and “Back to Summary”.

NOTES: This option will create a new toolbox. It is recommended if your company does not have a customized toolbox.

15. On the Summary page, read the License Agreement, checked the box to accept the terms, click on “Install Now”. A dialogue box                      appears in which key in “25734@SERVER NAME


16. Upon the completion of the installation, click on “Finish” and your SOLIDWORKS is ready to use!


17. Restart the workstation after the installation.


For installation assistance, please call us at +65 6226 3784 or email