November 2, 2020
  1. Log in as the local administrator on the computer. This is to ensure that you have full permissions
  2. Any Antivirus or Antispyware should be completely disabled.
  3. If you are running Windows 7/8/8.1(64 bit), it is recommended to disable your user account controls as it will cause conflicts during the installation.*SOLIDWORKS 2020 can only be installed in a 64-bit system.
  4. Insert the SOLIDWORKS 2020 DVD.
  5. Launch “exe” file.
  6. In the SOLIDWORKS 2020 Installation manager, select “Server Products and click PCB services” and click Next.SOLIDWORKS PCB INSTALLATION GUIDE
  7. It will bring you to the page below and the default port numbers are 9780 and 9785. If you wish to change the port number, click Change.SOLIDWORKS PCB INSTALLATION GUIDE
  8. If you don’t want to change the port numbers then leave them as default, click Back to Summary.SOLIDWORKS PCB INSTALLATION GUIDE
  9. On the summary page, click accept the terms, then click Install and it will install successfully.SOLIDWORKS PCB INSTALLATION GUIDE
  10. Go on the Internet and search for the link provided below to register for PCB Services
    User Name: admin
  11. In SOLIDWORKS 2020 Installation manager, select “Install on this computer” and click Next. Then type in the PCB serial number.SOLIDWORKS PCB INSTALLATION GUIDESOLIDWORKS PCB INSTALLATION GUIDE
  12. Click Next until the summary page and accept the terms. Lastly, click install to install the PCB on a PC.