SOLIDWORKS What's New 2024 - Parts and Features

SOLIDWORKS What's New 2024 - Parts and Features

dateDecember 13, 2023

As we are reaching 2024, SOLIDWORKS has made some improvements that might be useful for us to know. Below are some of the new features that we believe it can help you to increase your SOLIDWORKS user efficiency.


  1.  Hole Wizard

Hole Wizard is enhanced when you use the positions tab it automatically create the holes at all endpoints, vertices and points of sketch geometry.

How to use: Position tab > Existing 2D Sketch > Click Sketch


2.  Make Multibody Party from Assemblies

The Make Multibody Part tool converts an entire assembly into a separate, single multibody part that is linked to the parent assembly.

How to use: Tools > Make Multibody Part



3. Body Transparency for Combine Features

In the Combine PropertyManager, for the Subtract operation, you can make the main body transparent. This helps you to select the smaller bodies that are completely immersed inside the main body.

How to use : Insert > Features > Combine

Check box Make main body transparent.



4. Cylindrical Bounding Boxes

You can create cylindrical bounding boxes that are useful for bodies with cylindrical geometry such as rotational, circular or turned parts.

How to use : Insert > Reference Geometry > Bounding Box


5. Flip Side to Cut for Cut Revolves

You can flip side to cut for cut-revolve features, similar to cut-extrude features. This retains the inner portion of a sketch and discards the region outside the sketch.

How to use : Features > Cut Resolves > Check Flip side to cut

6. Symmetrical Linear Pattern

You can create symmetrical linear patterns from a seed feature. The linear pattern uses the parameters from Direction 1 to create a symmetrical linear pattern in Direction 2.

How to use: Feature tab > Linear Pattern > Direction 2 tab > Check Symmetric box