SOLIDWORKS What’s New 2024 : Sheet Metal

December 12, 2023

SOLIDWORKS has made improvements to SOLIDWORKS 2024 version, the things that are improved are the performance and improvements to each SOLIDWORKS feature.

What we will discuss now are the new features in Sheet Metal in SOLIDWORKS 2024.


  1.  Rip Tool

You can use the Rip tool to create rips in hollow or thin-walled cylindrical and conical bodies. By selecting an edge on a cylindrical or conical face, you can flatten the part as sheet metal.

SOLIDWORKS supports straight cuts only, not slanted cuts.

How to use: Sheet Metal toolbar > RIP tool

SOLIDWORKS What's New 2024 : Sheet Metal


2. Slot Propagation

When creating a tab and slot feature in an assembly components, you can propagate the slots to other instances of same components in the assembly. If an assembly has a component with a tab previously created with                   the Tab and Slot tool, you can propagate slots for that tab to other instances of the component in the assembly as well.

How to use : Edit feature part > Sheet Metal > Tab and slot

SOLIDWORKS What's New 2024 : Sheet Metal

If you want to copy a part with a slot propagation applied at the part with Mirror component feature. Normally the Slot propagation feature will not be installed in the copied section until you selected the Slot

Propagation option in Mirror component feature manager.

Linear component pattern > Mirror Component > In option select Propagate Slots

SOLIDWORKS What's New 2024 : Sheet Metal          SOLIDWORKS What's New 2024 : Sheet Metal


3.  Stamp Tool

You can use the Stamp tool to create sketch-based parametric forming tools to apply to sheet metal parts. With sketch-based forming tools, you can create a sketch with a few parameters to stamp or form

the sheet metal.

How to use : Insert > Sheet Metal > Stamp

SOLIDWORKS What's New 2024 : Sheet Metal

SOLIDWORKS What's New 2024 : Sheet Metal


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