What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2023 (Short-list)

April 13, 2023

If you are on the fence about upgrading your SOLIDWORKS CAD to the latest version, this blog will highlight some of new features and enhancements to SOLIDWORKS CAD in 2023.

As always, keep in mind SOLIDWORKS files once saved are not backward compatible, e.g., SW 2023 files cannot be opened and edited in SW 2022 and lower.


Section views through axis

Introduced in SOLDWORKS 2022, you can create a section view cut through an axis, but a vertex or point reference was required. New in SOLIDWORKS 2023, there is no need for any vertex or point reference, which makes it more convenient and easier to use.


Enhanced graphics performance (Fix)

A “fix” for Enhanced Graphics Performance option. This render system was released in SOLIDWORKS 2019 to improve frame rates during pan, zoom & rotate orientation.

With SOLIDWORKS 2023, it is set to be dramatically optimized. There were a lot of user feedback about this setting causing issues and problems within SOLIDWORKS which the developers have taken note of. They have mentioned it to resolved many of those issues and problem encountered.

As a first line SOLIDWORKS technical support, I have personally experienced instances where customer’s SOLIDWORKS had strange bugs and issues as a result of this setting being used.

Hopefully, we can all have greater reliability now with the “Enhanced Graphics Performance” box checked for faster frame rates when viewing large assemblies or parts with complex geometry.

Automatically Optimize Resolved Mode

For Assembly loading, you can now choose to automatically optimize when opening in resolved mode, the open in lightweight mode option will be hidden from selection.

Using this system option improves performance by selectively using lightweight technology when you load components in resolved mode.

You can expect faster opening times as a result compared to the original fully resolved mode.

If you would like to switch back to having the option for purely resolved or lightweight mode, you can select the manually manage option.

What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2023 (Short-list)


Repairing a Missing Mate Reference

After replacing a component, mismatched face IDs can cause rebuild errors which need to be rectified manually, reducing productivity and slowing down assembly performance. Introduced in SOLIDWORKS 2023, you will be glad to see a new Auto repair option for mates.

Auto repair attempts to repair the missing reference for a component by selecting a similar face, edge, vertex or reference geometry reference on the component that is in the same location and orientation to the missing reference.

Assembly Performance Improvements

Assembly performance is improved when:

  • Searching with Include sub-folders selected.

To select this option, click Tools > Options > External References > Reference Documents specified in File Locations > Include sub-folders.

  • For assemblies that contain parts with multiple imported bodies and body level appearances:
    Opening a file, changing a configuration, applying, modifying, or removing an appearance, rolling back or rolling forward assembly items
  • Saving assemblies is faster as only changed model data is saved.
    This improvement is noticeable in very large assemblies. Previously, SOLIDWORKS saved all model data when an assembly or a component changed.

What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2023 (Short-list)

Overrides for Bills of Materials

Any overridden items display with a user defined highlight colour…possibly preventing a costly error. When you override a value in a bill of materials (BOM) using Break Link, the value turns blue.

  • You can change the highlight color (default is blue) when you override values using “Break Link”. Click Tools > Options > System Options > Colors, and specify the color for Drawings, Modified Cells (BOM).


Restore overridden values to their original values.

  • Right-click a row, column, or the entire BOM and click Restore Original Value.


Prevent unwanted changes to BOMs.

  • Click a table cell, row, or column, and click the “lock” in the context toolbar. To unlock, click the “lock” in the context toolbar.

Filtering Bill of Materials Columns

Your Bill of materials table can be filtered with familiar spreadsheet style controls. A funnel icon in the table header indicates where filters are applied, and can be removed just as easily.

The integrated search bar narrows down a lengthy column of values. And custom filters can be defined with conditional logic. Say you need a custom bill of material, such as a parts list of purchased hardware. Moreover, filter criteria are applied across multiple columns.

Exporting Assemblies as STEP Files

New within SOLIDWORKS 2023, Export system options, you can now export all assembly components as separate STEP files, which is highly recommended for large assemblies with depth.

In the video below, I have saved a version of this entire DTV Shredder on my computer inside this folder named “STEP” earlier, where every component is exported as a unique step file. I will now open the BPG-Shredder, the top-level STEP file.

As you can see, the full structure and all the references are seen in the assembly. I will now break the link to remove the 3D Interconnect symbol and head down the assembly depth to this DTV handle bar component, which is now an imported solid body.


What you have read is just a short-list of features and enhancements for SOLIDWORKS CAD 2023.

If you would like to find out more, you can check out SOLIDWORKS website: https://www.solidworks.com/product/whats-new


Or get in touch with SEACAD Support: support@seacadtech.com

SEACAD host a yearly Innovation Day event for active SOLIDWORKS subscription customers of SEACAD, around October/November period.

A portion of this event will cover what’s new in SOLIDWORKS for the following year, and will give you an early bird’s view into the upcoming SOLIDWORKS version and products of Dassault Systèmes. Do look out for this event if you would like to sign-up in future.