Why SOLIDWORKS certification is worth taking?

April 26, 2022

SOLIDWORKS can be used by anyone but knowing how to utilize it properly to its fullest potential is an even better way of maximizing this revolutionary solution. Getting accredited in various courses related to the navigation of SOLIDWORKS offers invaluable benefits. A certification validates one’s skills; it proves to people, especially customers, that you can be trusted to deliver the highest quality of products and services they desire. Getting an accredited certification in a specific technique or with a specific technology allows you to demonstrate that you have mastered the content area and met the qualifications set by industry experts. It can also let customers know that they will be working with someone who understands their needs and the methods that are needed to fulfill their demands.

An accredited certification shows that you have the skills and knowledge to compete in your given industry and that you take your career seriously. Being a certified SOLIDWORKS user holds a high recognition in the field of CAD with its proven record of results. With accreditations like these, you will be considered a professional who is strong in having the skills required to perform better in the job. These certifications not only help you maintain a standard in the industry but also help you prove your worth within the organization.


SEACAD Training Academy


SEACAD Technologies aims to deliver a holistic solution to every customer’s needs in order to drive innovation and business transformation while nurturing a long-term growth strategy. SEACAD Training Academy was established to help aspiring individuals hone their skills and acquire relevant learnings about the SOLIDWORKS. Since it is an ever-evolving solution, we are making sure that anyone can have the opportunity to access our tutorials and courses—from the basics to the nitty-gritty.

Engaging in our trainings will connect you with SOLIDWORKS Certified Specialists who are dedicated to supporting you in equipping you with the right expertise you need for your business to thrive. There are various types of SOLIDWORKS certifications that you can obtain. Whether you are new to using the technology, or already an existing user of SOLIDWORKS, our training courses will definitely help you achieve your goals and develop your skills in 3D CAD.

The different types of SOLIDWORKS certifications

  1. SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD COURSE – this course touches on all significant CAD topics that are related to 3D. From the fundamentals that will guide you on how to use the software’s sketch tools to create basic modeling features and annotations to drawings, to other essentials that will cover the basics of 3D sketching, modeling, design changes, patterning, and drawing of parts and assemblies for structural engineering. Techniques in assembly modeling will also be tackled in the course such as advanced mate techniques, assembly editing and features, managing of large assemblies, and SOLIDWORKS Treehouse. Part modeling that covers multi-body solids, sheet metal, lofting & sweeping features, and advanced shaping solutions are also included in the course.

Its overview includes the following:

  • 3D Fundamentals
  • 3D Essentials
  • Assembly Modeling
  • Drawings
  • Advanced Part Modeling


  1. SOLIDWORKS 2D COURSE – this course will take on the fundamentals of 2D CAD using DraftSight software. After the training, you will get acquainted with:
  • Drawing creation
  • Dimensional and geometric spheres
  • Templates
  • Object manipulation
  • Replicating & modifying 3D geometries, and more


  1. SOLIDWORKS ELECTRICAL COURSE – also covering the fundamentals of 2D CAD using DraftSight software, this training course dives deep on the electrical schematic: creation and modification of project templates, drawing types, symbols and components, wires and equipotentials, cabling, and more. In terms of 3D electrical, it will include: assembly creation, cabinets, ducts and rails, routing wires and cables, component intelligence, and inserting components. PCB essentials that encompass SOLIDWORKS PCB fundamentals and user interface are also in the course, tackling PCB design projects, creating schematic templates and symbols, origin and grid configuration, and footprint creation.

Topics covered:

  • Electrical Schematic (2D)
  • Electrical (3D)
  • PCB Essentials


  1. FEA & CFD SIMULATION COURSES – SOLIDWORKS simulation training covers the following:
  • SOLIDWORKS Simulation Standard Training
  • SOLIDWORKS Simulation Professional Training
  • SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium Training (Non-Linear & Dynamics)
  • Motion Simulation
  • Flow Simulation
  • Plastics Simulation


Why is getting a SOLIDWORKS certification beneficial?

Computer-assisted design is the standard industrial design system not only across the SOLIDWORKS world but also across the globe which is why the technical skills needed to produce 3-D CAD drawings is a constant demand. These skills are increasingly available for industry professionals with a higher degree of technical proficiency, and SOLIDWORKS is the widely used CAD software program. When you are trying to stand out in the current market, it will be crucial to prove that you are more qualified than the rest of your competitors so acing your certification exams or certification tests is crucial. Certifications positively impact businesses and can also be used to help you get promoted to a higher-paying job by proving you have the skills that employers and companies need today.


Preparing for a SOLIDWORKS certification

Being a certified solidworks associate

Now that you have already decided to get certified, preparing for it is the next step. Check out the detailed information on each training course that we are offering so you can carefully decide which one to take.

Navigate around this link to know more about each course: https://seacadtech.com/training-categories/solidworks-training-certification/

Once you are definite about the course that fits your objectives and needs the most, check out the monthly calendar and then book a slot.


Is SOLIDWORKS certification worth it?

Getting certification for SOLIDWORKS is indeed worth it. Certification gives you an opportunity to gain knowledge, experience, and recognition that verifies your skills. Spending time and effort in getting accredited is all about the value that it brings. Companies invest in getting their people certified in order to assure that the ones they hire can perform their jobs effectively. SOLIDWORKS exams provide everyone with a chance to get accredited. By getting yourself a certification, you are investing in yourself and growing your abilities within your field. Being certified in what you do opens up many doors of opportunity that will revert back to you throughout your career or your business’s success. Start your journey to being a certified SOLIDWORKS expert now. Sign up for the SEACAD training by simply clicking here.