Why Upgrade to SOLIDWORKS 2022? (New Shortcut Keys)

dateApril 13, 2022

If you’re a SOLIDWORKS user, one, either or all of these questions might be lingering on your mind –

“Why are there updates every year?”

“Are the new features worth the upgrade?”

“Why should I upgrade my SOLIDWORKS?”

Product engineers always think about how to improve their productivity and shorten time to market. Upgrading your version of SOLIDWORKS is definitely one way to help achieve improved productivity as it allows you to work smarter, faster and together.

SOLIDWORKS has launched many new features in 2022 such as detailing mode, drawing tools, hybrid modelling, and more useful features that will increase your productivity.

But today, we will focus on the new Shortcuts keys in SOLIDWORKS 2022 that could accelerate your design process. With the continuous enhancement of SOLIDWORKS over the past years, there are now up to 100 shortcuts in the software. But let’s focus on these two –



1.                 Shortcut – “S”

In SOLIDWORKS 2022, the command search is now integrated into the "S" key shortcut menu as shown above.


SOLIDWORKS can even show you the location of the commands that you search for future reference.

Apart from showing the location, there is a plus symbol in “S” key shortcut that allows you to insert command into the shortcut bar. It’s highly recommended to add the command that you frequently use in the shortcut bar.



The shortcut toolbar could be customized by doing:

Right Click the Shortcuts Toolbar -> Customize

You may also customize a comfortable shortcut toolbar by deleting previously added command and adding your preference commands.

2.     Shortcut – “Q”

In previous version, hide/show is required to select the reference planes of parts. In SOLIDWORKS 2022, the new “Q” key shortcut has been added to increase the efficiency of showing the parts’ planes geometry and their origin geometry.

“Q” key shortcut allows you to quickly turn on the assembly or component reference geometry such as planes coordinate system and the origins coordinate system.


In a nutshell, every SOLIDWORKS version upgrade provides useful features that will help you increase your efficiency and productivity. Hope these two new Shortcuts could be one of the many reasons for you to upgrade to SOLIDWORKS 2022 and start working smarter, faster and together.