CAD Tips – Deleting Parent-Child Dependency
  • CAD Tips – Deleting Parent-Child Dependency

    Posted on May Mon, 2016 by seacad_admin

    Simplifying features on a model may be easy when it comes to parametric modelling, but it also depends on the parent-child nature of the features. Have you ever tried to delete a feature (Feature A) which was used to create another feature (Feature B), and both features got removed?

    Sometimes we may want to only delete Feature A and keep Feature B, but because of the dependency, it will not be allowed. For this article, we will be teaching on how to remove parent-child dependency on parts.

    Introduced in SOLIDWORKS 2015, you are now able to see parent-child relationship of different features in the Feature Manager Tree, such as seen in the image below:

    We want to delete the Boss without deleting the Loft. So what we have to do first is right click on the Boss feature and click Delete:

    When this is done, you will receive the prompt which specifies what you want to delete and keep:

    Make sure to uncheck the option to “Delete Child Features”. When you do this, Feature A will be deleted, but Feature B will be kept.

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