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How to use Update Standard Views

Posted on Oct 05, 2018 by seacad_admin

When using imported models, there may be some occasions that the part orientation does not make sense. Don’t worry as it is possible to change the default view to your preferred view using the Update Standard Views command.


1. Orient your model to your desired view by selecting the planar face and use Normal To from the View Orientation Pop-up by pressing Spacebar on the keyboard


2. Now, with the model in the desired view orientation, Click on Update Standard Views.


3. Select the Standard View you would like to assign the current view to.
(In this example Front View)



4. Click Yes after receiving the warning pop-up.


The views will now be successfully changed for the file. If you find that you made some mistakes, you could always Reset Standard Views to go back to the default views the file has.

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Author: Bernard Chong – Application Engineer at SEACAD Technologies Ltd