How to check for interference in an animation
  • How to check for interference in an animation

    Posted on Mar Fri, 2019 by seacad_admin

    In a moving assembly, components may interfere with one another due to certain design flaws. While one may use the “interference detection” command, this only checks the assembly at that particular moment. If there is some movement (i.e translation/rotation/both) of a component, the assembly may then have some interference and one would need to rerun the interference detection.

    We shall look at an example of a universal joint that is rotating. The motion study of this universal joint is assumed to be created and will follow the motion below:

    21 22

    1. In the motion study, Right Click on the assembly and click on Check Interference.


    1. Select the components that are suspected to interfere (in this case, both yokes are selected.)
    2. Click on “Find now”

    244.  View the results at the bottom.
    Selecting a Frame/Time would highlight the Volume of interference.
    The magnifying glass is used to show the small interference of the yokes in this case.
    With this knowledge, the designer may then consider editing the design of the yoke to prevent such interference.


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