How to check license usage and borrowed license
  • How to check license usage and borrowed license

    Posted on Jul Thu, 2018 by seacad_admin

    The SolidNetWork License Manager distributes licenses to clients on the network. Depending on the demand, it is possible for the number of users to exceed the number of floating licenses.

    As a result, it is useful to be able to identify which user is using which licenses.

    1. Launch SolidNetwork License Manager Server/Client from Start menu

    (Start>All Programs> SolidWork 20XX > SolidWork Tools> SolidNetwork License Manager)

    Both server and client can be used to check the license usage



    2. Click on “License Usage” Tab



    In this tab, one can see the Server name and the Product.  From the dropdown list, one can select the product to get the corresponding information.


    Total licenses refers to the total number of purchased licenses.

    Free licenses refers to the number of licenses that are not currently in use.

    Licenses used by box gives one information about each computer that is currently using the license.


    3. To borrow license/See Borrowed Products , click on “License Borrowing” Tab
    SolidNetwork Licenses can be borrowed to use the software from a remote location(eg. at home instead of at the company). The licenses are then removed from the pool of available licenses and has to be returned for it to be available again.

    This can be done by selecting the product and click on “Borrow>”


    Similarly, to return a product, select the product and click on “<Return”.


    The Borrowed until shows the time period for which the license is borrowed for. The maximum limit is 30 days for a single borrow.

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    Author: Bernard Chong – Application Engineer at SEACAD Technologies Ltd


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