Copy / Move Detailed View in SOLIDWORKS Drawing
  • Copy / Move Detailed View in SOLIDWORKS Drawing

    Posted on Mar Thu, 2020 by seacad_admin

    With all of the information you need to show on your sheets they get rather full and complicated. You might want separate sheets with Section and Detail views. If you try creating a new sheet to add these views, you will notice they are greyed out. Section and Detail views require a parent view to reference.  Since this new sheet has no views, you cannot create these child views.

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    Several methods to move a drawing view

    1. Ctrl + C copy, Ctrl+ V paste;
    2. Ctrl + Hold left mouse drag/drop, copy/paste
    3. Hold left mouse drag/drop, move


    Parent\Child View

    Parent view: Views that the target views depends on

    Child view:  Views which are dependent on the target view.


    copy a Detail or Section View from one drawing to another

    1. Copy the parent view.
    2. Copy Detail or Section View at the same time.

    If you only copy the detail/section view, then you will get this error message” The item on the clipboard cannot be pasted here”

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    If you copy both the parent and the Detail or Section View at the same time, then you can copy.

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