How to create Drawing Templates in SolidWorks
  • How to create Drawing Templates in SolidWorks

    Posted on May Tue, 2018 by seacad_admin

    You are a designer, an engineer, or a technical support, or a maintenance staff. You usually use Drawings to mill in manufacturing, or explain your innovation to your manager, or show your product to customer, or store them as documentary. However, you always have to do the same initial when you create a new drawing. You have to set your paper size, units, view settings, … many times. Sometimes, you spend 20 minutes for a Drawing, but the time for these settings is 15 minutes. It’s a big waste of time.

    In SolidWorks, Drawing Templates is your solution. It’s very simple. First, you create a new drawing and choose a sheet size. Then you can edit Sheet Format, change View settings, set Document Properties, make Predefined Views, and create Layers. Finally, you can save this Drawing as Drawing Templates format (*.drwdot).

    A suggestion for you is you should to create many Drawing Templates corresponding with sheet size. Besides, the Drawing Templates names should include the size. For example, you usually make Drawings with A4 and A3 size. Therefore, you should to make 2 custom Drawing Templates with name “A4-SizeDrawing.drwdot” and “A3-SizeDrawing.drwdot”.


    To edit Sheet Format, you need to right-click on the graphic area and click on “Edit Sheet Format”. When editing the Sheet format, you can change the style of sheet (by modify the line, the color, the text, …), add your company logo and company name, insert the sign, …


    You can change View settings by going to View> Hide/ Show and check or uncheck on the items you want to hide/ show. For example, as the picture below, with the View settings, the Drawing show the Bounding Box, Planes, Sketch Dimensions, Sketch Planes, Weld Bead and Decals and hide the other items.


    To modify Document Properties, you need to go to Tools> Options> Document Properties. In Document Properties, you can change the settings for Dimensions, Detailing, Drawing Sheet, Units, Line Font, … “Document Properties” is different with “System Options”. If you change the settings in System Options, this mean the change will apply for all Parts, Assemblies and Drawings. However, if you change the settings in System Options of a Drawing, this mean the change only apply for this Drawing. When you create a new Drawing, you have to set the settings in Document Properties again. Luckily, with this problem can be fixed. What you need to do is making your own custom Drawing Templates, and when you create new Drawing from these Templates, you don’t need to set the settings on Document Properties again.


    Predefined Views is a helpful tool for you to save your time. For example, first, you go to Insert> Drawing View> Predefined to make a Predefined View (Front View). Then, you go to Insert> Drawing View> Projected View to make 3 Projected Views (Top, Right, Isometric) from the Predefined View. Then you save the Drawing template. After that, each time you create a new Drawing from this template, you just need right-click to the Predefined View and select Insert Model. And then, you will have 4 Views from the model you inserted.


    Layers have been available for many years in SolidWorks. To create a new Layer, you should click on Layer Properties (Layer or Line Format toolbar), then in the dialog box, click New and enter the Name of a new Layer. Then can assign many visual aspects as visibility, line color, line thickness and line style.


    Before you save your custom Drawing Template, you should go to Tools> Options> System Options> File Locations> Document Templates and make sure that location “C:\ProgramData\SOLIDWORKS\<SOLIDWORKS 2018>\templates” has been added. If you don’t see it, you can add it manually. Now, you can save your drawing as Drawing Templates format (*.drwdot) in C:\ProgramData\SOLIDWORKS\<SOLIDWORKS2018>\templates.


    Source: Do Huynh Bao – Application Engineer at SeaCAD

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