Create the Mate Controller
  • Create the Mate Controller

    Posted on Oct Fri, 2018 by seacad_admin

    This article focuses on the steps to create the Mate Controller. The Mate Controller is used to create mate-based motion. Multiple positions are created, each with a different set of numeric mate values. The steps to create Mate Controller:

    • In Assembly, create mate that include supported mates for Mate Controller. The supported mate types include: Angle, Distance, limitAngle, LimitDistance, Slot and Width mates.



    • Go to Insert> Mate Controller to insert Mate Controller.



    • You can click Collect All Supported Mates, SOLIDWORKS will automatically choose all supported mates.



    • Or you can choose mates by click on mates.



    • Reorder the mates using the up and down arrows to create the order.



    • The Position 1 is default starting position. Click Add Position to create Position 2.



    • Change the value for Position 2. Then continue for others positions.



    • Change the time value for each position.



    • Click Calculate Animation to calculate the frames and play animation.



    • Click to Saves the animation as an AVI or other file type if you want to save the animation to video file.



    • Click Ok to complete the mate Controller. The Mate Controller is stored below the Mates folder in Featuremanager design tree.



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