How to create User Defined Tool in Solidworks CAM
  • How to create User Defined Tool in Solidworks CAM

    Posted on Nov Fri, 2019 by seacad_marketing

    1. Create a solid model for User Defined Tool

    Sketch Rules for user Defined Tools:

    • The sketch must be made from the Solidworks Default plane (Front).
    • The geometry can contain only lines and arts. Splines are not supported.
    • The centerline of the tool must start at X = 0 in the sketch .
    • The bottom center of the tool must start at 0,0. Relative to the sketch X zero all geometry must be positive. Relative to the sketch Y zero, geometry can be positive or negative.
    • The axis of the tool must be vertical and pass through Solidworks 0,0.
    • The geometry must be closed and observe the rules required to make a solidworks solid of revolution.

    Solidworks CAM 1

    2. Convert Solidworks model to .mt file

    Solidworks CAM 2                    Solidworks CAM 3

    • Click User defined tools and holders command.
    • Select correct file type.
    • Select save to location. And click OK

    3. Add tool to Technology Database

    Solidworks CAM 4 Solidworks CAM 5

    • Open the Technology Database, Click Mill Tooling – Form Cutter – User defined Tools
    • Select tool from list and click Copy. –  The tool added to the bottom of list and selected.
    • Set tool parameters. For Tool name & path: select the tool from the saved location.
    • Click Save and close dialog.

    4. Add and select User defined tool to Tool Crib

    Solidworks CAM 6 Solidworks CAM 7

    • Open tool crib tab, right click on Tool Crib – Add tool from Library.
    • Select User defined tool.
    • Select Radius Form tool , Click ok
    • User defined tool succeed added to Crib.

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