Electrical 3D Systems Designer

Electrical 3D Design Engineering is a role that covers the Physical Design of wire harness and cabling within the DMU of a product. It is part of the complete integrated Electrical process and has tight synchronization capabilities with the Electrical and Fluid Systems Design role and the Electrical Manufacturing Preparation role.

The Electrical 3D Systems designer role delivers a process-specific solution for designing physical wire harnesses. This solution is driven by logical specifications (schematics) and is integrated with harness manufacturing preparation.


  • Synchronize electrical schematic to 3D design to improve electrical systems quality and consistency
  • Design and optimize electrical 3D harness bundles and cableways accurately in the context of the full product
  • Electrical design process is fully integrated within the RFLP process. Systems designers and 3D electrical designers can now share a single referential for their design, taking advantage of all the V6 architecture components, including collaboration tools like co-design, co-review sessions, chat, snapshot exchange
  • Increased design quality with full consistency between Logical and Physical electrical system