Function Driven Generative Designer

The Function Driven Generative Designer role workflow starts with the capture of functional specifications such as geometrical context, targeted performance and constraints. Concept shapes are then generated automatically to obtain an exact geometric representation that can easily be structurally validated.

From a baseline design study, it is easy to create, visualize, and compare different alternatives and their resulting KPIs to perform a tradeoff and select the best concept.

A wide range of Manufacturing constraints, such as Additive Manufacturing printing direction or constraints related to more conventional processes such as milling, casting and forging can drive the design throughout the entire workflow


  • Compare and assess different configurations against KPIs to select the best lightweight concept
  • Workflow assistant to guide the user in every step of the process
  • Automatic generation of a functional concept CAD
  • Best-in-class detailed modelling
  • Validate easily the structural behavior of the lightweight design with comprehensive sets of loading and boundary conditions