Disappearing Toolbar, Feature Manager and Task Pane?
  • Disappearing Toolbar, Feature Manager and Task Pane?

    Posted on Nov Fri, 2019 by seacad_marketing

    Have you ever happened to lose your command manager toolbar or you Features Manager Tree like the image below? Fear not.

    Features Manager Tree 1


    Features Manager Tree 2

    This might be happened because you “miss click” some keys in your keyboard.

    Some of these shortcut key might be helpful :

    F9 : Open/Minimize your Feature Manager Tree

    F10 : Open/Close your Toolbar

    Ctrl+F1 : Open/Close Taskpane

    Or you can also access this by right clicking on menubar and Toolbar Menu to toggle it on.

    Features Manager Tree 3

    If the Command Manager/ Toolbar not back as expected you can right click again and click the Command Manager. This happens because the CommandManager are hidden/closed before the Toolbar itself.

    Features Manager Tree 4


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