Displaying Cosmetic Threads
  • Displaying Cosmetic Threads

    Posted on Jul Fri, 2019 by seacad_admin

    Do you have problem on displaying cosmetic threads on your model?

    There are several setting that can be set for this.
    1. Go to Option > Document Option > Detailing
    Make sure to tick the Cosmetic Threads and Shaded Cosmetic Threads option.
    Cosmetic Threads will toggle the dashed circle shown in picture “b” below and Shaded Cosmetic Threads will toggle visual of thread in shaded like shown in picture “c”.

    wira - Displaying Cosmetic Threads1

    wira - Displaying Cosmetic Threads2

    2. Make sure the Display Annotation is turn on.
    Right click on the Annotation tab on the Feature Manager Tree and tick the Display Annotations (turn it on).

    wira - Displaying Cosmetic Threads3

    3. Make sure that the features is not suppressed.

    wira - Displaying Cosmetic Threads4

    Right click on the features and unsupress it to correct this problem.

    wira - Displaying Cosmetic Threads5

    4. If the problem still exist check the  wira - Displaying Cosmetic Threads6 icon .
    Make sure is not in active state. If it is active just left click on the icon to nonactivate it

    wira - Displaying Cosmetic Threads7

    wira - Displaying Cosmetic Threads8

    So those are some option that control the visibility of cosmetic threads in your models.

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