Easiest guide of Machine setup in SolidWorks CAM
  • Easiest guide of Machine setup in SolidWorks CAM

    Posted on May Wed, 2018 by seacad_admin

    Machine setup is an important for CAM. We have to choose an exact machine which you have in organization for the software to generate the G’code correctly. Once you have bring the 3d module into the SolidWorks CAM, the first thing to do is machine setup. Follow those below steps to setup the machine accordingly.

    Guide of Machine setup in SolidWorks CAM:

    1. Right click on the machine under the SolidWorks cam feature tree manager:


    2. Edit definition or double click the machine (can see the new window.)


    3. Select the machine which you going to work on this mill-part under the available machine.


    4. Select the machine strength under the Active Machine description.


    5. Select the Tool Crib or you can add Tool Crib according to your available tools in your organization.


    6. Select the customized post processor under the post processor potion then click ok to complete the machine setup.


    Source: K. Rajadurai – Application Engineer at SeaCAD

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