An Error Was Encountered While Trying to Open Your File
  • An Error Was Encountered While Trying to Open Your File

    Posted on Aug Mon, 2016 by seacad_admin

    Have you seen this error message when you try open your saved part file or assembly file on your PC?



    File corruption. Typically, corrupted files are generally caused by factors external to SOLIDWORKS such as operating system, network, e-mail, ftp, bad hardware (bad disk, etc).

    A common cause of file corruption can be caused by power fluctuations, which can affect computer equipment. A good UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) can save user from more than just file damage; it can save users from damaged hardware such as disk drives, video cards, etc.

    Another cause of file corruption at many sites is an impatient user. Many people have a tendency to reboot a computer that seems to take too long to accomplish a task.

    Hardware problems, such as a failing disk controller or faulty memory, can also sometimes be culprits of file corruption. Adding a UPS, user training and periodic system maintenance and testing will certainly minimize problems. Frequent backups with a reliable backup/restore tool are the best protection.

    Network failures can also be a culprit of corrupt files, especially if users open and save SOLIDWORKS files across the network. Network card drivers on the servers and clients should be reviewed for the latest manufacturer version. SOLIDWORKS uses the same access routines for opening, closing and saving files where they are opened from a network or local hard disk. Networking issues are controlled by the Microsoft operating system interacting with the various third party drivers through the system. SOLIDWORKS Technical Support can offer only limited advice on networking as there are many variables in the establishment and running of a network, you are advised to consult a networking specialist if problems persist. When a customer is experiencing problems with a network we advise scanning the hard disks of the server and client machines for errors and updating the network card drivers on client and server machines to the latest versions supplied by your network card supplier.

    Steps to Resolve:

    Kindly e-mail the respective part/ assembly to us. We will help you to submit the file to SOLIDWORKS support team to repair the corrupted file. If you need any further assistance, feel free to contact us at +65 6226 3784 or email

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