Design Validation to Improve Cost of Product and Production Time


Do you know you can reduce the total product cost at the product design phase?

  •  Too many number of prototypes in the design process?
  • Need rigorous testing to ensure the product do not fail. Did you overdesign the part?


Speeds Up the Production Time

The great thing about Finite Element Analysis is it can tremendously speed up the overall production time of your product.
Expert engineers can leverage the power of FEA to reduce the creation of physical prototypes, run accurate virtual experiments, and optimize their designs to create better products.  All this can save plenty of time and streamline the overall process.

Saves Cost

After the product design had validated and optimised, the need to spend time on prototyping is significantly reduced, the new design material required will reduced, time and labour will also reduce.

Hence the rapid automation of product design done in FEA along with the different factor reduced will ensure business impact with a lower cost of manufacturing the product.

Need more reasons to be convinced?

Join our seminar to learn about the many benefits of having a Design Validation tool to enhance the design process.


DATE: Fri, 27th May 2022
TIME: 2:00 pm - 4:30 pm
VENUE: SEACAD Training Academy 

1. FEA and its capabilities
2. What is the business impact using FEA and How?
3. Live demo on Showcase with SOLIDWORKS Simulation

4. Networking with Tea Break Refreshments
5. Q&A Session