Managing Engineering Data at a Lower Cost than PLM

When you hear of PDM, what comes to mind?

•    Too tedious and time-consuming to implement
•    A solution that’s too costly to implement
•    PDM is for large enterprises only

These are just some of the most common misconceptions that come from small to mid-sized companies when we talk about PDM. However, in reality, the cost of NOT using PDM is WAY HEFTIER than having it. 

Having to recreate lost files, poor BOM management, slow engineering change orders (ECOs), and ineffective search methods all add up to monetary losses to the company.

Hence, manufacturing leaders of today turn to PDM solutions to achieve more business benefits such as increased efficiency, improved quality, reduced cost and the ability to bring products to market faster. These benefits are not only for the engineering and manufacturing teams but for the entire organization itself.

Here’s how other members of the organization could benefit from a well implemented PDM system


Managing Engineering Data at a Lower Cost than PLM

Need more reasons to be convinced?

Join our seminar to learn about the many benefits of having a good PDM solution to manage your Engineering Data at a lower cost.

DATE: Fri, 8 April 2022
TIME: 2:00 – 4:30PM
VENUE: SEACAD Training Academy 

1. PDM and its misconceptions
2. Who Benefits from PDM and How?
3. Live Workflow Showcase with SOLIDWORKS PDM

Try the roles yourself, for free!

  • Engineer & Drafter – design and manage CAD data in PDM vault
  • Manager – review and approve CAD data using PDM
  • CEO – access and view design progress in PDM
  • Purchaser – always order parts with latest BOM from PDM
  • IT – set up and maintain workflow easily in PDM Administration tool
4. Networking with Tea Break Refreshments
5. Q&A Session
*Limited seats available


Time: 2.00pm – 4.30pm
Venue: SEACAD Training Academy
Date: No available dates

Managing Engineering Data at a Lower Cost than PLM